he late Red Auerbach was an aggressive, challenging and often explosive mentor who coached 11 Hall of Famers, including Bob Cousy and Bill Russell, and led Boston to 10 Eastern Division titles in 16 years.

"Red Auerbach was the consummate teacher, leader, and a true pioneer of the sport of basketball," said NBA Commissioner David Stern of the cigar-chomping coaching legend. "The NBA wouldn't be what it is today without him."

On Oct. 28, 2006, Auerbach died at the age of 89. But thanks to preserved footage of his teachings, Auerbach's basketball instructing can remain alive forever. Sit back, relax and learn as Auerbach teaches the basics of basketball.

Free Throws
Red talks with Rick Barry about his efficient free throw shooting.
Free Throws II
Red and the legend, Larry Bird, illustrate how to shoot free throws.
Red's players practice speed drills to sharpen up key fundamentals.
Coaching Strategy
Red talks coaching strategies that transformed him into a legend.
Offensive Rebounding
Red and Moses Malone explain the science of offensive rebounding.
Red and Bill Russell tell how important of a defensive tool intimidation is.
Calvin Murphy shows you that baton twirling will improve your dribbling.
Boxing Out
Red and Russell illustrate the proper way to box out for the rebound.
Slam Dunk
Red Auerbach and Julius Erving show you how to finish a dunk in style.
Dribbling Drills
Pete Maravich and Red illustrate dribbling drills to improve ball handling.
Red Auerbach interviews former Warriors coach Al Attles.
Bill Russell instructs his approach to shot-blocking.
Shot-Blocking II
Robert Parish and Ralph Sampson show how to block shots.
Great Larry Bird and Red illustrate shooting techniques.
A great basketball mind discusses how to evaluate talent.
Efficient Offense
Red talks with 76ers about how to run an efficient offense.
Setting Screens
Red shows you how to properly set screens for open shots.
Fast Breaks
Red explains how to complete basketball's fast break.
The Corner Play
Pete Maravich and Julius Erving illustrate a corner offense.
Playing the Forward
Bernard King shows you how to play the forward position.
D Rebounding
Red demonstrates how to rebound on the defensive end.
Defending Guards
Red explains the proper techniques to defend guards.

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Fast Break | Defensive Rebounds | Blocks
Auerbach began his NBA coaching career in 1950 as head coach of the Boston Celtics. From 1959 to 1966, the Celtics won eight straight NBA championships, a streak unmatched in sports history. He was named NBA Coach of the Year in 1965, and in 1970, was selected as the NBA's 25th Anniversary All-Time Team coach.

When Auerbach left the Boston bench in 1966, he was the winningest coach in NBA history with 938 victories. He was the first to use a "sixth man," he ran a simple offense of seven set plays, and he never had a league-leading scorer.

In 1980, the PBWAA named Auerbach the greatest coach in the history of the NBA.

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