Rule 2 IV
e. If two officials differ on a block/charge foul involving the restricted area and/or lower defensive box, they will conference and share information in an attempt to make the correct call. If no resolution is reached it will be treated as a double foul (See rule 12B VI –f)

Rule 5 VII - a
If a team has two (2) or three (3) full timeouts remaining when the fourth period reaches the 2:00 mark, one (1) of the timeouts will be changed to a 20-second timeout and they will retain one (1) full timeout.

Rule 7 section IV b
The 24-second clock is never reset on the following:
1) Defensive player causes the ball to go out-of-bounds or enter the basket ring from below
2) Technical foul or delay-of-game warning on the offensive team
3) Jump ball is retossed as the result of a poor toss, double violation or correctable error
4) Suspension-of-play (except for infection control)
5) Field goal attempt which fails to touch the rim

Rule 8 III c
This rule also applies to the player of the team with possession at the start of the second, third and fourth periods.

Rule 13 Section I a
(5) A flagrant foul/penalty 2 is called at any time during a game.
(6) A Player Altercation occurs. (For purposes of this instant replay rule only, a Player Altercation shall mean a situation in which (i) two or more players are engaged in (a) a fight or (b) a hostile physical interaction that is not part of normal basketball play and that does not immediately resolve by itself or with the intervention of game officials or players, or (ii) one player commits a hostile act against another player that results in the offending player being ejected from the game--for example, when a player intentionally or recklessly harms or attempts to harm another player through the use of a punch, elbow, kick or blow to head.)

Section II
c. If an instant replay review is triggered as described in Section I—a (5) above, the officials would review the video to determine only the following issues:
(1) Whether the flagrant foul/penalty 2 was called correctly or whether it should be downgraded to a flagrant foul/penalty 1 or a personal foul.
(2) Whether any other players committed unsportsmanlike acts immediately prior to and/or immediately following the flagrant foul/penalty 2.

d. If an instant replay review is triggered as described in Section I—a (6) above, the officials would review the video to determine the following issues:
(1) The identity of all players involved in the Player Altercation and the action immediately prior to and immediately following.
(2) The level of involvement of each such player.
(3) The appropriate penalty to be assessed against each such player.

Section III—Replay Review Process
b. The crew shall have a maximum of two minutes to review the video, and, following that, make a ruling. The officials would be given a reasonable amount of additional time beyond two minutes for review of flagrant fouls/penalty 2 and Player Altercations.
c. The call made by the game officials during play would be reversed only when the replay provides the officials with "clear and conclusive" visual evidence to do so.
d. The officials will use the following to make their final decision in the order listed below regarding scoring, timing or fouls at the end of any period.

Comments on the Rules
N – add to end of first paragraph
A team will not be given an additional 30 seconds should bleeding occur from a wound reopened, which is not the result of additional contact.